About Us

What is Player.Guide?

Player.guide is a user generated directory for adult entertainment destinations around the world. Strip clubs, go-go bars, massage joints & love hotels all have comparatively little online presences and finding out how these places rank up can be difficult. Sources for these types of reviews are spread out across local sites and often time lack the necessary information.

Using directory like functionality and accurate maps, users can find the closest establishments to them and find out the information is important to players. Player.guide aims to allow its users to make better informed decision by delivering a level of accuracy to its user generated reviews that can’t be supported with larger platforms like Google Reviews, Facebook, etc.

Player.guide’s “Field Reports” are in depth user generated content of people’s adventures at Player.guide reviewed destinations. Field Reports, written very tongue in cheek, are our users ultimate in depth guide as to the “dos and dont’s” of adult entertainment establishments. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn about your city’s red light districts.

Player.guide does absolutely not condone illegal activity. Users posting ANY information about illegal drugs, illegal sex acts, and personal information will promptly be deleted and banned.

Our Story

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