Plan B

Plan B

Hope you’re good at Connect 4, as the girls here tend to be especially good at the game. This place likely has the hottest girls on the Burgos strip, but it also comes with a higher price for drinks across the board.

This place is known for having two large rocking horses on stage that girls lounge across. On any given day there’s 10 – 15 girls standing around on stage while another 10-15 girls work the room. Girls tend to swap places every 15 minutes. Be careful with the lady drinks here – wait staff can be very pushy when getting consecutive rounds. Pro-tip: There’s a discount if you bar-fine two girls.

Opens at 8 PM
Lady Drinks: 300 pesos
Bar Fine: 3500 pesos

Bel Air Place, 5043 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines


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