Diamond Cabaret

Diamond Cabaret

Most attractive girls in Denver for strip clubs. Diamond Cabaret is located near the downtown area, so if you’re in town on business & looking for something to do, this place is a must. The place has two stories, a topless place downstairs with booze, and a bottomless place upstairs with no booze.

The lower level is your run of the mill strip club with four stages in one big room. What makes this place unique though is that there is an open glass shower in the back of the room where the “bachelors” are taken for a shower with three girls of their choice. The boys have to sit in a chair in the boxers, while the strippers strip down to their underwear and wash him down using a hose, soap, and their large racks. Also of note is that almost all the girls on the lower levels are completely stacked, including the waitresses. If you like big knockers, this is the place for you. Drinks were reasonably priced for a strip club, with even a selection of shots that are premade circling the floor with one of the buxom waitresses for $5 a piece. One thing to note is that the DJ/MC guy is kind of a prick. This lower level closes at 2 AM and they push everyone to the upstairs level.

The upper level opens around midnight, but everyone eventually gets pushed up there when the lower level closes at 2 AM. There’s no booze up here, but that also means the chicks can work bottomless in the backrooms. The main room is setup like a nightclub, with the strippers rolling around trying to setup lapdances & a main stage for the performers. Strangely the upstairs area had a much more mixed clientele of your average mongerers and normal couples who are showing up for the more dance club vibe to the place. The strippers are aggressive with the lap dances, so careful not to engage until you’re sure you’ve found the right girl. One dance is $50 plus tip. Once you do find the right girl and head into the back room, you’ll find a huge maze of miniature rooms for the lap dances. None of them have doors though, so you’ll get a good eye at what the other guys are up to you on your way back. I made a poor choice with the girls and ended up with the girl trying to upsell me to their “champagne room” during my whole dance. Apparently for $600 bucks you get to share a bottle of champagne with the girl for one hour in another room.

Mongerers: Some of the girls are working, but it appears not inside the club. It also seems that the girls who work downstairs in the topless only section don’t all work upstairs as well. Don’t bother trying to make a connection in the downstairs area, instead head upstairs and talk to the chicks. If you’re looking for companionship, ask the chicks before you get a lap dance from them, the chicks who aren’t working will point you towards the working girls.

Protip: If you’re planning for a longer night of mongering here, I recommend you head up to the second story as soon as it opens and get a table. Since there’s no booze – you can get a table for the cost of one hookah pipe for $30. This will save you tons of money in the long run as you can watch the main stage from 5 feet away without having to throw ones at the girls. It seems most of the tables don’t operate on reservations, so get up to the second floor before everyone is pushed up there at 2 AM.

Field Report coming this venue.

1222 Glenarm Pl
Denver, CO 80204
  • Diamond Cabaret


admin | July 31, 2017
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